UK's Indian-Origin Finance Minister Rishi Sunak Questioned On Wife's Russia Link
UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak's wife Akshata Murty has a share in Infosys.
Moscow accused of forcibly removing civilians to Russia
With the war heading into a second month, the two sides traded heavy blows in what has become a devastating war of attrition.
Ukrainian forces advance east of Kyiv as Russians fall back
LVIV, March 25 — Ukrainian troops are recapturing towns east of the capital Kyiv and Russian forces who had been trying to seize the city are falling back on their overextended supply lines, Britain said today. US President Joe Biden meanwhile was due to visit Poland for a first-hand look at the...
Ukraine urges halt to Russia’s assault as Biden heads to Poland
LVIV, March 25 — President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said today that Ukrainians “need to achieve peace” and halt Russian bombardment that has forced millions to flee to countries like Poland, where US President Joe Biden is due to witness the crisis first hand. On the heels of leaders’ summits in...
Ukraine reports 300 died in Russian strike on Mariupol theatre
Last week, Russia bombed the theatre in Ukraine's port city of Mariupol.
‘300 killed’ in Russian air strike on theatre sheltering civilians
Mariupol has suffered some of the worst devastation of the war.
Ukrainian Snake Island sailors who shouted 'Go f**k yourself' at invading Russian forces before being captured are FREED in prisoner exchange with Moscow
Exactly one month after Russian troops invaded, the Ukrainian Parliament confirmed the sailors had been released as part of an exchange for 11 Russian sailors captured from a sunken ship.
Taoiseach plays down suggestions Zelensky criticised Irish support for Ukraine
Micheál Martin said he ‘wouldn’t have taken the same slant as some may be taking from’ the Ukrainian president’s comments.
Ukraine reports 300 died in Russian strike on theater
If confirmed, the catastrophic loss of civilian life is likely to further crank up pressure on Western nations to step up military aid.
Ukraine reports 300 died in Russian strike on theater
For days, the government in the besieged ruins of Mariupol was unable to give a casualty count for the March 16 attack
Ukrainian admits to trying to sink Russian boss's yacht
A Ukrainian crew member who tried to sink his Russian boss's yacht last month said it was his "first step for the war with Russia."
Last train to Helsinki for departing Russians
HELSINKI, March25 — One of the few remaining routes open from Russia to the European Union is closing down after Finland’s railway operator announced the last train from St Petersburg to Helsinki will run on Sunday. Following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the twice-daily Allegro express train...
300 died in the Mariupol drama theatre attack by Russia, says Ukraine
In an attempt to save those in the columned theatre from Russian airstrikes and shelling, an enormous inscription reading “CHILDREN” in Russian was posted outside the building and was visible from the air.
"Ireland - well, almost" - Zelenskyy addresses Irish support of Ukraine
"Ireland - well, almost," President Zelenskyy said of Ireland's support of Ukraine during an address to the European Council. Taoiseach Micheal said that some people are "reading too much into" Zelenskyy's comments on Ireland.
Russian brigade commander dead after being run over by his own troops
It is believed that one of Vladimir Putin's furious Russian soldiers drove a military tank over Russian Colonel Yuri Medvedev.
Russian troops run commander over in tank following heavy losses in Ukraine: Report
A battered and weary Russian brigade turned on its commander, running him over, a Western official said.
Russia signals scaled-back war aim with its forces halted for weeks outside Kyiv
Moscow has signalled it has scaled back its Ukrainian ambitions to focus on areas claimed by Russian-backed separatists as Ukrainian forces move to recapture towns near Kyiv.
Reaction to Zelenskiy’s comment on Ireland ‘overstated’, says Taoiseach
Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba says ‘Ireland is at the forefront within the EU’
Vladimir Putin's family relationships unravelling as invasion 'failures' take toll
The Russian leader had planned to take Ukraine within a matter of days, but these plans have not materialised, leading Putin’s family to come under severe pressure, according to some sources
Russia reframes war goals as Ukrainians advance near Kyiv
BUCHA (Ukraine), March 26 — Moscow signalled yesterday it was scaling back its ambitions in Ukraine to focus on territory claimed by Russian-backed separatists in the East as Ukrainian forces went on the offensive to recapture towns outside the capital Kyiv. In an announcement that appeared to...
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